What is windshield repair?

Windshield repair is the only thing that can stop a chip or crack from spreading out. 

Clints Chips and Cracks

Windshield repair is a mastered skill to remove the air and fill broken area with special clear resin. When this resin is cured the damaged area is bonded tightly together, it's a lot clearer and will keep damage from cracking out later.

Our Windshield repair is safe, cheap, convenient and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Our repair restores the structural integrity of the windshield, help prevent the damage from cracking out, and makes damege way less noticeable.‚Äč

The Break-Down of The Rock Chip and Crack Windshield Repair Process: 

First step: the damage is closely inspected, clean loose glass and dirt away from the area and drill if needed. Second step: the damaged area is vacuumed until all oxygen is evacuated and pressurized with the injection pump tool until the special clear acrylic resin has entered the ends of every crack. Third step: the hole is touched up with a thicker pit filler resin and sealed off with a piece of scotch tape. The resin is cured with a UV light or natural sun light until the resins are completely set up. Fourth step: the excess resin and tape is removed with a razor blade to smooth out the outer surface of the glass, this will help keep the wiper blades from scratching the glass. Last step: windshield is cleaned up with glass cleaner and paper towels.