How to Repair a Windshield: Windshield Repair Training Class in Houston, TX

Windshield repair training Houston, TX

Learn to Repair a Windshield: Training Class My Auto Glass Training Course. Get experience in different types of windshield damages and learn how to do a great job repairing broken windshields.


Learn all there secrets of windshield repair. Training is quick with a day or 2 with us. 

Training Day
Training Day

You will learn to do repairs on windshields. Everything you’ll need to know and tips to help you repair windshields much faster than your competitors. Windshield repair is an easy job to learn, but very technical process to master. To do it properly requires instruction from a master instructor. With our hands on windshield repair training class, the learning is greatly accelerated. You get a the skill and confidence you need. In fact, you will learn how to do repair damages other technicians can’t! Our windshield repair-man will teach you how to do repairs on a windshield at our shop with our windshield repair tools.

More About Windshield Repair Training

Windshield Repair Training in Houston, TX

Using Liquid Resins Repair Tools. Consequently, you will learn you how to get insurance companies to pay for the repairs. If your interested in being trained to perform windshield repairs. And are able to commute for the class, contact us by phone and set up an appointment.


Professional Windshield Repair Training In Houston TX

A Windshield Repair Training Windshield StandLearn windshield repair with an experienced technician. Even an old technician can learn some new tricks because of our repair process! We can teach you what you need to know. In a few days with a professional at our location. You can learn the process and see live performances on various vehicles.
Witness how quickly and easily long cracks can be repaired. All so, with our instruction, you’ll be able to do a professional job. The learning is faster and you get a high degree of skill and confidence that alone you will not. Finally you will obtain the training that will teach you how to do repairs that your competitors can’t! Your repairs will look better.

Practicing on peoples cars won’t make you money it will drive repeat customers away!

With Just 1 Day Of Hands-On Windshield Repair Training You Will Learn Allot.

Windshield repair trainingFurthermore, What exactly can be done? Learn in detailed demonstrations and the finishing touches for great looking results. Tips that will save you time and money on tools, supplies and more. But most of all, you can watch live demos! Witness First Hand! See Our Tools in Action! The tools that fix damages that most auto glass shops can’t! Process is simple and the tools used fix every windshield on the market.

How to Repair a Windshield: Training Class | Auto Glass Repair Video

There are lots of different supply companies selling tool kits for repairing windshield chips. Why buy a kit that’s useless for long cracks. So first of all, don’t buy a kit until you know for sure it will do any job! Why waste your money on tools that don’t do it all! See our tools in action and as a result the choice will be clear.