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We are a Houston based windshield repair company, we offer the best Rock Chip & Crack Windshield Repair Houston, our process is proven to be much faster and last longer than any other auto glass service in Houston. Taking pride and caring about our work that is why we have a lot of repete business and good customers reviews. Having an unbelievable price, in fact our prices are the lowest in the Houston area! Lifetime guarantee that our repairs will not fail but if they do, just bring it back. No questions asked, we will repair it for free at no additional charge.

  • WINDSHIELD REPAIR HOUSTON Rock Chip & Crack Auto Glass Shop in Houston, TXBusiness Name: Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair
  • Mobile Cell: 832-335-7386
  • Address: 8903 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, 77063
  • Year Established: 1996
  • Specialties: Rock Chip Repair Houston, Long Crack Repair Houston

​From the time, a customer drives up to the auto glass shop until they pull out we treat them with the up most respect. On average, we have 95% repeat customers coming back for a second, third, and sometimes even fourth trip to our location. This speaks volumes letting us know that we have met and surpassed the customer’s expectations.

​Our Windshield Repair Houston Technician

Windshield Repair Technician Drilling HoleClint Norris Windshield Repair TechnicianThe co founder, manager and technician. Clint Norris has over 20 years of experience diagnosing and repairing rock chips and long cracks. Be it a chip or a crack, you can trust Clint will get the job done. Check out our post on our technician or see how we do repairs.

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About Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston

A small family owned company that is operating in a very competitive industry where trust and reputation matter more than a pretty face.

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston TX

Today all you have to do is “Google Search” our ​​Google Map Page and you’ll have the ability to read our consumer reviews. This is something everyone should do before they deal with any service, even when it comes to fixing a little old rock chip. Google “Windshield Repair Houston” and see what users have to say about us.

Our company has been in business for more than 20 years doing windshield repair Houston in Texas. It does not matter if you are looking to fix a single rock chip or a couple of cracks. The expert glass mechanic working at our company can help you. You may have a small crack or a few chips that are annoying. As a result, you might be surprised how much better they will look after the repair process.

Windshield Repair Houston Prices & Coupons

Windshield rock chip repairWindshield Repair Houston Price 1 Windshield Rock Chip Repair for $20, Windshield Crack Repair up to 36 inches for $30.
Rock chip repairs in Houston cost a whole lot less than replacement. The types of damage that windshield repair will cover are large chips, stars, dings, bulls-eyes, spider breaks, small and long crack repairs.”

Chip Windshield Repair Houston
This windshield repair coupon is good for one rock chip repair at our location. Repairs are warrantied against cracking. Just mention the coupon to get the special offer. More Less
Crack Windshield Repair Houston
Windshield Crack Repair Coupon : $30 Windshield Crack Repair. This coupon is good for one windshield crack up to 36 inches, at our location in Houston, TX. More Less

Transportation Special If Your A Uber, Lyft or Taxi Driver Receive A 50% Discount on Repairs. If you drive for a transportation service like Uber, Lyft, limousine service, taxi cab or town car service. Get 50% off regular price. This special deal includes passenger cars, vans and SUV’s. Vehicle must have a current license or permit from the city of Houston to transport passengers to and from airports.

Watch Windshield Repair Houston TX, Rock Chip Repair Houston, Auto Glass Crack Repair Houston (Video)

See How We Preform Windshield Repair Houston A quick auto glass shop video of our windshield repair service. Witness windshield chip repair and a windshield crack repair in this free online video. Watch how the glass damages seem to almost disappear. Fully understand what we do to eliminate potential threats to broken windshields in Houston. Check out our how to repair a chip posted on 7-19-17 in our blog.

You Should Repair The Auto Glass Right Away.

Did you know repairing the damage immediately insures great results? Before dirt and chemicals get in to the damage and ruin any chance of a strong repair. Also the larger and older the damage is the more that it will show after the auto glass repair process.

How To Find Out If A Crack Repair Is The Right Choice.

Information the shop needs to know. When did you first notice or how old is the damage? What is the size or length of the damages? And finally, do you use rain-x on the glass? Call or text us with this information, add a picture of the damages. Then we can let you know, if your damage is repairable or not and give you a free price quote. Test glass for contaminates.

Rock chips are fling all over the freeways of Houston

Repairable Bulls-Eye Chip in the WindshieldIt’s a real problem and it isn’t going to get better any time soon. Even if you get a quality repair, it’s just a matter of time before another rock hits your windscreen. To save time, money and finally the windshield itself. The smart buyer repairs the chips as soon as possible, as they happen, so the glass will last longer.

​If left alone a minor rock chip can ruin the windshield. Maybe not today or next week but eventually your going to notice a long crack growing across your auto glass. As a result cracks form, start to grow and can suddenly run all the way across the windscreen. Therefore if you don’t want this to happen, take care of it today.

Read a exemplary story about a flying pebble on the freeway breaking someones windshield. How they copped with the damage from beginning to end. Then how they found us and finally what we did to solved the problem right here on the Auto Glass Damage! A Repair Solved Problem – Blog post.

Chip and Crack Windshield Repair Houston Warranty

Windshield Repair Houston Auto Glass Warranty: If it cracks again I will fix it ... FREE

We are more than happy to re fix any-thing that we have fixed before. First things first, pull up to the repair tent and let us check out the problem. Then we will take care of the problem. As quickly as if you were a first time customer. While you wait, first come first serve. Consequently we stand behind our work, every single windshield repair.

Why Call The Mobile Auto Glass Rock Chip Repair Houston Guy

Why go through the hassle, pay more and have to wait around for them! When you don’t need to!

When you pick a mobile auto glass repair service in Houston. First of all you have to wait around for them to show up. Then it will cost a lot more for service. When a repair fails, are they really going to come back for free? Most of all, the mobile auto glass repair companies will tell you. “As a result we put the cost of the repair towards a replacement.”