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Fix Cracked Windshield

To Fix Cracked Windshield Houston

What to do when you need to fix cracked windshield Houston. And you can’t afford to buy a new one. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to buy a new windshield. The best thing you can do is repair it immediately. A single crack can worsen over time and lead to a complete auto glass replacement.

Fix Cracked Windshield Houston, TX

Cracks can also let dirt in, especially over time, this affects the auto glass repairs functionality and durability. (On top of that, a cracked windshield looks bad.) A piece of tape will cover the damage, until you can get it fixed. The best way to solve the problem permanently. Is to fix your crack, before it completely cracks out.

Is Crack Repairable?

Cracks can be repaired to hold up for a long time. Consequently, some repair jobs seem to disappear and some repairs look like a dirty lines. The answer to the question,”is your damage repairable?” Depends totally upon just what you think is acceptable, appearance wise.

The Recommended Situation To Fix Cracked Windshield Houston

The sooner you do it, the better it will look and the stronger it will be. If it’s fairly new (1-3 weeks) and hasn’t cracked more than 11 inches. The auto glass is definitely fixable and the repair will look a lot better.

Should You Fix Cracked Windshield?

If the crack is bigger than a foot or older than a month. You will absolutely have dirt and or other contaminates in the crack. Then theirs the width of the crack it self. Older cracks show more after the repair process, mainly due to dust. If the crack is real old and dirty a repair is not going to look as good or be as strong.

Danger of an Auto Glass Crack

Crack Junction Danger: As soon as windshield is cracked it will continuously expand “on a molecular level” until finally the stress is too much and it will run all the way across. And could even create a “crack junction” where many new cracks form. At the same time pieces of glass will start to break off. This is very dangerous, just a single swipe across the glass from a finger or palm of the hand could cause a slice of glass to penetrate the skin.

Mechanic Specializing in Fixing Cracked Windshields.

Clint Norris. 20 years of experience in the art of fixing cracked windshields.

Our tech has over 20 years of experience in the art of fixing cracked windshields. Especially relevant, there is not a crack out there he hasn’t repaired a thousand times over. He’s fast and he gets the job done right, the first time. Weather it’s short or long he can get the crack repaired. Clint Norris fixes the crack while your watching from inside your car.

Clint Norris Says: If Only You Would Have Gotten A Simple Rock Chip Repair Houston. You Wouldn’t Be At The Fix Cracked Windshield Page.

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Here are 2 Good Reasons To Fix Cracked Windshield Houston

  1. Maybe you can’t afford to replace it right now. Therefore a repair could buy you some time.
  2. You got a ticket for a defective windshield. Get ticket dismissed. While a work order or receipt from a auto repair shop is sufficient.

Either way the auto glass will last longer if you fix the cracks.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Cracked Windshield Houston?

Hardly anything opposed to a all out windshield replacement. Most auto repair companies are charging any where between $20 to $125 for a single repair. Some of the prices include mobile service and some are in shop service only. Either way it is still cheaper than a replacement.

What Does Fix Cracked Windshield Houston Consist Of?

Here is a Quick Explanation on “How To Fix A Cracked Windshield.” Because to fix a crack in between the surface of the glass. That is a hairline crack in between the glass. A special acrylic resin is injected in to the crack. Resin hardens to the glass. This bonds the glass crack back together. In addition, this in turn stops the spreading of the crack.

Before and After Image of Fix Cracked Windshield Houston

Before and After Image of Fix Cracked Windshield Houston

This is what the cracked windshield looked like before (the left picture.) And what the cracked windshield looked like after the repair (the right picture.) We took 2 photos, 1 photo before we repaired the crack. And 1 photo after we fixed the crack. Put the pictures together and made 1 before and after image of our repair work.

So consumers could see what our work looks like. The crack on this windshield was only 3 days old. And didn’t have dirt or rain-x inside of it. So it turned out perfect. The customer was very pleased with our work. And said “if any thing else breaks my windshield, I’ll be back, thanks.”

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Coupon To Fix Cracked Windshield Houston, TX

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Fix Cracked Windshield Houston Warranty

Windshield Repair Warranty: If it cracks again I will fix it ... FREE

Windshield Crack Repair Warranty: After we fix your cracked windshield and it continues spreading. Bring your vehicle back during normal business hours. While, it does not matter how long ago the crack was repaired. Because, we warranty our work for life. If you have a question about our work, fell free to call or stop by and we’ll check it out. We take crack problems seriously. Furthermore, if there is something we can do, it will be for free of charge.

Why Do We Have A Warranty to Fix Cracked Windshield Houston? Since, repairs can and will fail under certain circumstances. Consequently, even a perfectly done repair can fail. Because stress and chemicals and dust contaminates the glass and the resin can’t stick properly. Our resin is designed to adhere to the molecules of the glass. We offer a warranty so you won’t have to pay twice.