Windshield Rock Chip Repair Houston Auto Glass Service

Repairable Bulls-Eye Chip in the Windshield

Windshield Rock Chip Repair Houston, TX.

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair has $20 rock chip repair only takes 10-15 min. with a lifetime warranty on repair. Rock chip repair Houston, TX affordable, lifetime warranty rock chip repair in Houston, TX. We repair windshield rock chips that other shop can’t!

Rock Chip Repair FAQ

Windshield Rock Chip Repair Houston Auto Glass Service

What rock chips are repairable? Here’s what we can repair. Rock chips from the size of a pinhead to the size of a silver dollar. Time it takes to do rock chip repair? This is how long it takes. Rock chip repair usually takes ten to fifteen minutes. Cost of rock chip repair? The prices for repairs. 1 chip $20, 2 chips $30. 3 chips $30. 4 chips $40. 5 to 7 chips $50.

About Rock Chip Repair Houston

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston TX
Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston TX

Family owned and operated since 1996. Operating in a very competitive field. Just Google search “Rock Chip Repair Houston” and see what users have to say about us. Read our consumer reviews and decide for yourself.

In business for more than 20 years preforming rock chip repair in Houston. Are you looking to fix a single rock chip or a couple of chips? Our shop can help you and you’ll be surprised how chips look after the repair process.

Our windshield repair business makes repairs while you wait on the spot. If you come into the shop with a rock chip issue expect our technician to use the correct procedure to eliminate the problem quickly. Consumers are truly comfortable with us. The approach we take to repair auto glass is straight forward.

Technician Has Authoritative Knowledge & Is Skilled in Rock Chip Repair.

Clint Norris
Clint Norris

Our glass mechanic has over 20 years of experience in the art of repairing rock chips. There is not a chip out there he hasn’t fixed a thousand times over. He’s fast and he gets the job done right, in record time.

Weather it’s a large chip, star, ding, bulls-eye, spider break or long crack repair. Clint Norris will preform the best repair possible, while your watching from inside your car.

Watch Rock Chip Repair Houston (Video) Preformed by Clint Norris

See How We Preform Rock Chip Repair Houston. A quick auto glass shop video of our rock chip repair service. Witness windshield chip repair in this free online video. Watch how the damages seem to almost disappear. Fully understand what we do to fix broken windshields in Houston.

Rock Chip Repair Houston Coupons

windshield repair houston coupons
windshield repair Houston coupons

$20 Rock Chip Repair Houston

Rock Chip Repair Coupon : $20 Rock Chip Repair. This coupon is good for one rock chip repair. Provided at our location during normal business hours. More Less

$25 For 2 Rock Chip Repairs Houston

Rock Chip Repair Coupon : $25 2 Rock Chip Repairs. This coupon is good for two rock chip repairs on the same windshield. Provided in shop during normal hours. More Less

Before, During And After Images of Rock Chip Repair Houston

Before, During And After Images of Rock Chip Repair Houston

These before and after images (4 images) were taken during an actual rock chip repair. While a customer sits in his car, we took these photos. In this picture you can see the rock chip before the repair. The next two pictures are during the repair. And the after photo of a rock chip repair job in Houston.

Rock Chip Repair Houston Photo Gallery

Tips For The Novice On How To Finish Off A Rock Chip Repair Properly.

Some times a small amount of air is left within the chip. That in turn creates a light refraction that a customer will notice and be very displeased.

How to get rid of a small spot in a chipped windshield.

Technician Drilling A Hole In A Windshield Chip.
Technician Drilling A Hole In A Rock Chip.

Here’s what to do to get rid of that little spot. At the end of the job, just after you place a tab or tape over the pit area. While the resin is hardening or setting up. A little spot starts to form near the center of the chip. There is something that can be done to hide that spot.

Using a small probe or pick and pushing gently down on top of the tape, where you drilled the hole. Make sure you have at least 3 or 4 layers of tape over the drill hole. If Not you’ll poke right through the tape. The technician pushes down softly as the repair is hardening up. You’ll see as you push down on the spot, how the spot goes away.

Holding down on the spot until the resin is completely setup, so the spot will not come back. This is actually creating a small amount of pressure within the damaged area. When the repair area is hardened the pit area will be slightly down. We put a some windshield repair resin on the windshield and make the chip or crack area flush.

Cold Weather Rock Chip Repair Houston Advisory

In cold weather a chip will often spread, fueled by heated air “defrosting windshield” on the inner layer of the glass causes tremendous stress and finally cracks out away from the original rock damage. Continued heating causes chip to crack and further develop “Spread Out” and mature at an accelerated growth rate.

Don’t use heat on windshield damages, especially when the weather is cold outside.

Rock Chip Repair Warranty

Windshield Repair Warranty: If it cracks again I will fix it ... FREE
Windshield Repair Warranty: If it cracks again I will fix it … FREE

Warranty: Our repairs come with a lifetime warranty. If our rock chip repair cracks further, we will re-do the repair service at no cost. All work is first come first serve, even warranty.