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How Windshield Repair Can Fail

  • Windshield Cracked
    OH No! It Cracked

    First of all under trained, inexperienced windshield repair technicians. Most large auto glass companies have a quick employee turnaround, they come and go all the time. Most of these companies only teach their workers the basics of the windshield repair process and they haven’t got any experience. The process seems easy, but it really isn’t.

  • Contamination in the crack. Weather, rain-x, wax and dirt enters chips and cracks from daily operation of a vehicle. From filling up the washer fluid tank, to car washes, to wet road conditions the windshield damage in conclusion becomes contaminated. Chemicals designed to repel bugs and rain are being applied to windshields all over the world. Special windshield repair resin adheres to the molecules of the glass. The windshield needs to be free of chemicals, water and dirt to bond properly.
  • First of all there’s no way to ever fully clean wax, rain-x or dirt out of a damaged area.

Understand how a windshield repair could fail, even if it’s perfectly done!

Test For Contaminated Windshield Damages

  1. Testing a Windshield Repair
    Windshield Repair Testing

    Testing for wax or rain-x on windshield. First of all the water beading test is one. Wet windshield and take a close look and see if the water beads up. If water beads up more than likely wax or rain-x is on the glass. If water doesn’t bead up on the surface there probably isn’t any wax or rain-x on the windshield.

  2. Most of all inspection of windshield cracks for dirt.  Closely inspect, there is a thick and thin view of a crack. Now look at the thick view from inside the vehicle and drop water on to the crack. Watch the water enter the windshield crack and see if it’s clean. If you see dark black or brown spots in the crack, it’s probably dirt.  Therefore if the crack looks clear is probably clean.

A windshield contaminated with dirt or chemicals may still be worth a repair. Because it’s expensive to replace a windshield.

Many times a repair can stop a windshield crack for a year. That’s the year you didn’t have to replace the windshield. People are replacing windshields only to get a chip a few days or weeks later. To prolong the life and make the windshield repair last longer, the simple choice is repair.

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Do you want to repair or replace your windshield? Find out how windshield repair can fail and what to watch out for. Because an under trained, inexperienced technician could ruin your windshield. As a result the windshield will have an ugly crack. Test your windshield for contamination! Find Out! Put you windshield to the test. Is wax, rain-x or dirt particles in your crack?

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