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Headlight Restoration & Cleaning in Houston, TX

Headlight restoration and cleaning in Houston, Texas. Refinishing of yellow, dim, faded, dull, scratched, hazy, automotive lights. Remove scratches and clean plastic lenses. The process usually takes 30 minutes to 3 hours. Depending on condition of headlight lenses and how busy we are. Call us to find out how long it will take and set up an appointment.

Our Restoration Service Cleans Yellow, Dim, Faded, Dull, Hazy Headlights & Restores Them To Be Bright Again.

Taping, Sanding, Polishing and Cleaning Headlights

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Taping: Using masking tape, tape up around headlights to protect the painted surfaces from being damaged. Sanding: Wet sand lenses until scratches and haze or yellow film is removed. Polishing: Using a machine polisher, polish lens until crystal clear. Cleaning: Clean up restoration over spray mess.

  • The total cost to restore 2 headlights is $60.00

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To have better night time visibility the headlight lens must be clear and clean. After a few years just about all headlights on all makes and models fade and turn yellow. Once this happens the light from the bulb reflects on to the lens, not through the lens. The dirtier the light the less light is able to go through the lens. By restoring the lens the headlight bulb shines brighter through the lens. The brighter the lenses the easier it will be to see at night.

Our technician is an auto restoration professional, we can save you from replacing the headlights! Providing quality service at a reasonable price.

  • Car Headlights
  • Truck Headlights
  • SUV Headlights

One of The Best Automotive Improvement Services of The 21 Century

2 Headlight Restorations Coupon $60 : 2 Headlights (on same car) are refinished, cleaned, and polished at our location. Additionally, the 2 headlights must be on the same vehicle. More Less

All restoration services are provided at our location in Houston, Texas during normal business hours. ​Why pay a lot more for replacement. Set up appointment today. Experienced, affordable and safe. Cleaning The Headlights, Makes a Dim Light into a Safe Bright Lite.