Uber, Lyft & Taxi Cab 50% Off Houston Windshield Repair

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair

We Give Uber, Lyft, Town Car, Taxi Cab & Limousine Drivers 50% Off Windshield Rock Chip & Crack Repair in Houston.

If you own or drive for a transportation service like Uber, Lyft, limousine service, taxi cab, town car service, rental car agency or auto sales dealer. We will repair your windshield for 50% off regular price. This special deal includes passenger cars, vans, rental car companies, dealers and SUV’s. Repairs are first come first serve and come with a warranty. All work comes with a written receipt.

We already fix a lot of transportation vehicles, mostly town cars, suburban and taxi drivers. Though there has been a rise in Uber drivers also. Most of these drivers tell us their friends and coworkers told them about us. Even though the price is cheap you’ll still receive 5 star service on every repair.

Price List For Uber, Lyft, Taxi Cab, Town Car & Limousine Drivers, Rental Car Companies and Dealers

  • The price for 1 rock chip repair is $10.00
  • Price on 2 rock chips is $20.00
  • Price on 3 rock chips is $30.00
  • When you have 5 or more rock chips to repair the price is $50.00
  • Each additional chip is $10
  • A 6 inch windshield crack repair is priced at $20.00
  • When you have 2 cracks the additional crack is $10 more

Understand if your vehicle is not fully licensed for commercial transportation services by the city of Houston you will not get these special prices.

Affordable Houston Windshield Repair For Transportation Service Vehicles

Map View of Chips & Cracks Windshield RepairHere at Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair we understand that when its your job to drive consumers all around the Houston area. Your going to get a lot of rock chips and cracks. We would like to fix them as they happen. So we’ve lowered our price, now transportation drivers can afford to keep their windshield repaired.

Keep Windshield Cracks Fixed to Earn Money – Uber Drivers in Houston

Just the other day a Uber driver stopped in and said, “some one called Uber and complained the car that drove them to there destination had a crack in the windshield.” And because of this Uber temporally stopped him from picking up other fares. We repaired the crack and gave him a receipt. He then uploaded to Uber and later was able to continue working.

Watch Out For Tickets At Houston Airports For Chipped Windshields

A while back a Town Car Driver told me, “I got a ticket for a chip, while waiting for a fare at the airport!” There pretty strict at the airport around Houston. We repaired the chip and gave him a receipt. With proof that you fixed the damage the court can dismiss the ticket

Warranty for Uber, Lyft, Taxi Cab, Town Car & Limousine Drivers

If our repair continues to crack. We will re repair the windshield for free for 6 months. All you have to do is bring your vehicle back to our location during normal business hours.