Best Windshield Repair & Auto Glass Shop HOUSTON, TX

Best Windshield Repair Houston

Best Windshield Repair Houston

When something strikes your windshield and you need the best windshield repair Houston visit Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair. Lifetime warranty on all our windshield repair work. Over 20 years in the business, only takes 10-15 minutes and we have the best prices around.

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston TX
Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston TX

Get rock-chips fixed-up in Houston. Authoritative knowledge, skilled in the art of windshield repair, with incredible rock-bottom prices.

A chip “minor alteration” on the surface of the glass will “crack-out”. These damages behave in a particular way and have a certain characteristic. Let our skilled technician put a stop to your chip.


  1. Returns strength and integrity to laminated glass.
  2. Terminates windshield replacements.

​​At Chips & Cracks, we understand windshield repair can be very stressful. We provide consumers with extensive information as to why a repair is needed. How our process works, and how we can prevent the windshield from cracking to prolong the life of the repair and avoid a costly replacement in the future.

Best Windshield Rock Chip Repair Houston Price

Fix Windshield Rock Chip Houston
Fix Windshield Chip Houston, TX

Let Chips & Cracks – Windshield Rock Chip Repair fix your auto glass damage and keep it from cracking. With so many gravel trucks on the road, you need a quality windshield repair shop you can trust. Chip’s & Crack’s in Houston, TX will get it fixed right the first time. Or we will fix it for free until the damage is stopped.

Best Windshield Crack Repair Houston

$30 Windshield Crack Repair Houston Texas Best Price

Answers to all of your questions. A professional you can count on. Chips & Cracks offers long windshield crack repair in Houston, TX for cars, trucks and SUV’s. We have long crack repair up to 36 inches in some cases.

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Watch One of Our Best Windshield Repair Houston Videos

In this video Clint Norris of Chips and Cracks, “the one-stop shop for all types of windshield repairs”, repairs chipped and cracked windshields. Experience how a professional preforms the windshield repair process. Watch More of our Windshield Repair Houston Videos.

What Makes Windshield Repair More Beneficial Than Windshield Replacement?

  • Best of all windshield repair is hundreds of dollars less than windshield replacement.

    Cracked Windshield
    Cracked Windshield
  • Windshield repairs are quick and easy, takes way less time to do than an entire windshield replacement.
  • Another good point is that windshield repair is Eco-Friendly. Because you can’t recycle windshields.
  • Another good point is with windshield repair you won’t have to worry about the windshield leaking or rusting.
  • Last but not least, police give tickets for defective windshield.