Auto Glass Replacement & Auto Glass Repair Houston, TX

Auto Glass Replace & Auto Glass Repair Houston, TX

Auto Glass Replacement Houston & Auto Glass Repair in Houston TX

Most auto glass replacement shops in Houston offer car and truck glass replacements. They replace auto glass, windshield, car door glass, back windows and install plate glass in Houston, Texas.

What if you don’t need to replace your windshield.

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair offers windshield repair. We don’t want you to replace your windshield, especially if we can repair it. We repair long cracks and small and large rock chips in the windshield. At a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Auto Glass Replace & Auto Glass Repair Houston, TX
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Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement Houston

Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement in Houston, TX

Auto Glass Replacement & Auto Glass Houston, TX
Auto Glass

Sooner or later your auto glass is going to get broken and it’s going to create problems for you. You will need to get the auto glass replaced or repaired. Replacement service can be a long drug out solution. While an auto glass repair is quick and inexpensive.

At any moment a rock could strike your windshield. You may have to call around and get different prices or quotes from all over the internet. Set up an appointment for service and wait for the mobile guy’s truck to arrive. Or drive over to a local shop for a repair.

Whats better? Taking a little time off to bring your car in to a retail shop. Or waiting around somewhere for a couple of hours, hoping they will show up.


Here are 10 things to think about when replacing a windshield.

  1. Locating a reputable windshield installer
  2. Proper removal of old used adhesive
  3. Installation of a epoxy primer on the medal of the body
  4. Auto glass cleanliness
  5. Application of new or used moldings
  6. Type of urethane to be applied on glass
  7. Curing time of glue on the windscreen before driving the vehicle
  8. When to take blue tape off on a new windshield installation
  9. Warranty on rust, wind noise, leaks, stress cracks and workmanship
  10. Differences between a cheap knockoff, custom or a factory original windshield

Auto Glass Replacement Scams

The 2 most common scams pulled at auto glass shops on consumers. The needless repair or replacement. That’s when a glass shop scares you into fixing “a superficial nick” which is an unnecessary repair. Also when a glass shop says, “We Can’t Repair That, It’ll Have to Be Replaced.” Usually due to under trained technicians with out the knowledge of all repair processes. Or the auto glass shop trains there employees to sell and concentrate on replacements only.

Help Us to Replace Replacements With Windshield Repair