How To Repair A Windshield Rock Chip & Crack Videos

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Windshield Repair Videos Page: Our Videos of Windshield Repair & Service in Houston on Videos. Watch windshield chip repairs, windshield crack repairs & know how windshield repair is done in Houston, TX. Watch a windshield repair video and see for yourself how the process works.

6 Inch Windshield Crack Repair Video

12 Inch Windshield Crack Repair Video

Windshield Chip Repair Video

Windshield Rock Chip Repair Video

How We Made Our VIDEOS Of Windshield Repair In HOUSTON, TX

How We Repair A Windshield Rock Chip & Crack in Houston TX (Videos)
The Windshield Repair Man Channel

A windshield repair man may well be trained by the most effective teacher at the highest faculty, but still, can want expertise, by his own hands, before discovering the proper touch, solely then will he turn talent to art.

See A Houston windshield repair shop’s windshield repair videos created by Clint Norris of Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair in Houston, TX.

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Witness Clint do rock chip repair these days
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Note: Original videos were created with a mobile phone cameras, then derived to a note book laptop and reedited and born-again to a mobile video. Then uploaded to windshield-repairman’s channel of You-Tube through a mobile web affiliation by a free You-Tube app on various android phones.

Products used in the windshield repair videos

  • LR QT pump with device
  • ultraviolet natural process lamp
  • Liquid Resins White Cap rosin
  • Examination mirror
  • Windex
  • Paper towels
  • Curing tabs
  • Razor blades
  • Windshields with damage

Windshield Repair Videos Produced and Directed by Clint Norris

Original videos were edited to just a few minutes. During the demonstrations you may see vacuum, pressure and real world action. Because the broken windshields are filled with resin until the refraction between the glass clears up and appears to go away.