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We are a Houston based windshield repair company, we offer windshield repair, our process is proven to be much faster and last longer than any other auto glass service in Houston. We take pride and care about our work that is why we have a lot of repete business and good customers reviews. We have an unbelievable price, in fact our prices are the lowest in the Houston area! We guarantee that our repairs will not fail but if they do, just bring it back, no questions asked, we will repair it for free at no additional charge. 

  • Business Name: Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair
  • Mobile Cell: (832) 335-7386 
  • Address: 8903 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, 77063
  • Year Established: 1996
​From the time, a customer drives up to the auto glass shop until they pull out we treat them with the up most respect. On average, we have 95% repeat customers coming back for a second, third, and sometimes even fourth trip to our location. This speaks volumes letting us know that we have met and surpassed the customer’s expectations. 

About Chips & cracks windshield repair

Windshield Repair Houston in Houston

We are a small family owned company that is operating in a very competitive industry where trust and reputation matter more than a pretty face. Today all you have to do is “Google Search” our ​​Google Map Page and you’ll have the ability to read our consumer reviews. This is something everyone should do before they deal with any service, even when it comes to fixing a little old rock chip. Google “Houston Windshield Repair” and see what users have to say about us. 
Our company has been in business for more than 20 years doing windshield repair Houston in Texas. It does not matter if you are looking to fix a single rock chip or a couple of cracks, the expert glass mechanic working at our company can help you. You may have a small crack or a few chips that are annoying, you might be surprised how much better they will look after the repair process. 

What to expect during a Repair in Houston at Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Shop

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Shop

If we recommend repair and the customer approves it, work begins immediately. The roller tool box is maneuvered to the vehicle. All the tools that are needed for any windshield repair job are in position. 
Clean loose glass, dirt away from the repair area. Decide if drilling a hole in the glass is necessary. Damage is vacuumed and pressurized with our injection pump. Once the resin has entered the entire crack the pit area is touched up with a super hard resin and finally taped up.
The resin is cured with UV light from the sun until it has completely hardened. The excess resin and tape is removed with a razor blade. The windshield is cleaned up with glass cleaner and paper towels. Inspect the smoothness of the glass, making sure the wiper blades aren't going to be harmed in the future.

Windshield Repair Prices

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Windshield Repair Houston Price 1 Windshield Rock Chip Repair for $20, Windshield Crack Repair up to 36 inches for $30. 
​"Windshield rock chip repairs in Houston cost a whole lot less than replacing the windshield. The types of damage that windshield repair will cover are large chips, stars, dings, bulls-eyes, spider breaks, small and long crack repairs."

Watch Windshield Repair Houston (video)

See How We Preform Windshield Repair Houston A quick auto glass shop video of our windshield repair service. Witness windshield chip repair and a windshield crack repair in this free online video. Watch how the glass damages seem to almost disappear. Fully understand what we do to eliminate potential threats to broken windshields in Houston. 

Why Call The Mobile Guy

Why pay additional mobile service charges and have to wait around for them to arrive! When you don't need to! Our windshield repair service is 1st come 1st serve and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. We pay attention and take care of every type of auto glass damage. 

About Free Windshield Repair in Houston, TX

Well the fact is windshield chip and crack repairs are not really free! First a no fault claim is going to be filed on your auto insurance policy. Then your insurance company must wave your deductible and pay for the repair. This will add a no fault claim and a deterrent to your policy. In some instances you'll lose your safe driver discount or even reset your disappearing deductible. 

How Windshield Repairs Can Fail

  • Under trained, inexperienced technicians. Most large companies have a quick employee turnaround, they come and go all the time. Most of these companies only teach their workers the basics of the repair process and they haven't got any experience. The process seems easy, but it really isn't.
  • Contamination in the crack. Weather, rain-x, wax and dirt enters chips and cracks from daily operation of a vehicle. From filling up the washer fluid tank, to car washes, to wet road conditions the windshield damage becomes contaminated. Chemicals designed to repel bugs and rain are being applied to windshields all over the world. Windshield repair resin is designed to adhere to the molecules of the glass. The windshield needs to be free of chemicals, water and dirt to bond properly.
  • If wax, rain-x or dirt is between the cracked area, there’s no way to ever fully clean it out.

So now you can understand why a windshield repair could fail, even if it’s perfectly done!

Windshield Repair Houston

Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair
High-Quality Windshield Repair in Houston 
​We have the knowledge and expertise to solve all of your windshield repair problems. We have repaired many windshields and we don't mind explaining what were doing during the repair process. 
It's best to repair rock chips and cracks right away before longer cracks form and become dirty. The chip or crack has to be completely dry and free of moister inorder for the repair process to work properly. If it is raining outside or you just washed your car, you'll have to wait until the damage is completely dry, usually in a few hours. Since the process doesn't work on rainy days were usually closed, so call before you come if you think its raining. 
​Try to keep in mind that a chip under stress will crack. If a small stone hits an area already under stress it will crack out immedediately. So be careful not to slam the door to hard or turn the defroster on. If you just recieved a chip, place some clear scotch tape over the damaged area, that will keep dirt and water out and possibly strengthen the area.
Windshield Chip Repair

 $20 to Repair a Windshield : I Know Most Chips Can Be Repaired in Windshield

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  • You likely have a chip because you found this article. It is apparent that the chip and crack problem in Houston, TX is on the rise.
  • The modern windshields glass is very delicate and a little rock could create big problems with structural integrity. A trained auto repair technician can restore automobile glass damages back to the original state of integrity in a few minutes for a small fee.
  • Windshield Repair Houston's our specialty. Repairing broken windshields “rock chips and long cracks” servicing Houston since 1996. 
  • Car and truck long-crack and rock chip repair services in Houston, TX. A fast and reliable windshield & crack repair tech. Why Replace? 
  • Find the best windshield repair In Houston at Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair in Houston, Texas. All makes and models. Our auto glass repair shop will get you back on the road.

Hot days cause Windshields to Crack

When it gets hot outside your chip could suddenly crack. You can  cool the temperature on your cars windshield by cracking the windows. That could be the deference between a small chip and a large crack.

Test For Auto Glass Contamination

  1. Testing for wax or rain-x on auto glass. The water beading test is one. Wet windshield and take a close look and see if the water beads up. If water beads up more than likely wax or rain-x is on the glass. If water doesn’t bead up on the surface there probably isn’t any wax or rain-x on the windshield.
  2. Testing for dirt particles in cracks.  Closely inspect, there is a thick and thin view of a crack. Now look at the thick view from inside the vehicle and drop water on to the crack. Watch the water enter the crack and see if it's clean. If you see dark black or brown spots in the crack, that’s dirt. If the crack looks clear is probably clean. 

Even if your windshield is contaminated with dirt or chemicals it may still be worth a try. If it just stops the crack for a year or until you get another crack. That’s the year you didn’t have to replace the windshield. I’ve seen, many times, people replacing windshields only to get it chipped again a few days or weeks later. To prolong the life and make the windshield last longer, the simple choice is repair.