Can You Repair My Windshield Damage?

What Windshield Damages Are Repairable By Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston, TX

Types of windshield damages on cars, trucks and SUV’s. That are repairable at our auto glass repair shop in Houston, TX. 

  • Large nick, small nicks, large bulls-eye, small bulls-eyes, large rock chip, small rock chips, large stone chip and small stone chips. Are repairable from the size of a house fly to the size of a golf ball.
  • Large star, small stars, large ding, small dings, large spider break and small spider breaks. Up to the size of 4 inches around.
  • Large crack, small cracks, long crack and short cracks are repairable up to 3 feet or 36 inches.

The age of the auto glass damage and the size of auto glass damages determines how it will look.

Cracked Windshield
Cracked Windshield

But keep in mind the smaller the damage is the smaller the scar will be. There is always a scar, usually the size of the piece that is missing on the surface. Also the skeleton of what was there. It may seem to disappear but if you look really close at it it’s still there. One of the main differences is the light refraction is mostly gone. It will change the appearance from a mirror reflective color to a clear transparent color.
​Also the age of the damage matters too. Left untreated the damaged area becomes dirty. Dirt shows up as brown or black spots in between the auto glass damage.

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston Fixes Auto Glass Damages That Most Shop Can’t!

Windshield Repair by Auto Glass Shop in Houston - Blog

Most auto glass shops in Houston will only fix small chips and that’s only if there not in the drivers view. They want to sell you a windshield, that’s how they make their money.

We repair rock chips up to the size of a baseball and long cracks up to half the length of windshield. One way to insure the best result obtainable is to repair the damage right away. Don’t let your damage become contaminated from rain-x, wax, car washing and road grime. A repair will keep the damage from cracking out completely.

Heads Up On Auto Glass Replacement Services In Houston, TX

Can’t be done is said by auto glass replacement personnel all the time! “They Could Be Mistaken” Don’t make a decision until you talk to Clint Norris at Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair Houston, Texas.