Service Time: Windshield Repair

The Time It Takes For Windshield Repair Houston

Times for Repairs

  • When you pay for the windshield repair Houston it takes 10-15 minutes.

    chips and cracks windshield repair
    windshield repair
  • On sunny, hot days rock chip repairs only take 5-10 minutes (most cars)
  • If it is real cold add 5 or 10 minutes to the repair. (the colder it is the slower my blood flows)
  • If it is dark add 15 or 20 minutes to repair. (UV light must be applied to set acrylic)
  • For long cracks it usually takes 10 to 25 minutes
  • If crack is on inner layer of vehicles glass it takes it least 30 minutes

So the best time to repair a windshield is on a hot sunny day with out rain. Best way to pay for windshield repair is cash, takes less time.

2 Windshield Repairs In About 10 Minutes

In this video we repair 2 cars with windshield damages in around 10 minutes at Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair in Houston, TX.