Windshield repair warranty?


Windshield Repair Warranty Sign

Lifetime Warranty on all windshield repair at Houston's Best Auto Glass Repair Shop Chips @ Cracks Windshield Repair.

If our repair or service fails" cracks open or spreds" just bring it back to the auto glass shop in Houston, Tx and we'll fix it for free, no questions asked!

If we repair your windshield chip or windshield crack and it continues to crack, spreds or the pit area wheres out we will re repair the damages for free. All you have to do is bring your vehicle to us at the Houston, TX auto glass shop during normal business hours. We are more than happy to re fix any-thing that we have fixed before. Just pull up to the windshield repair tent and we will take care of the problem, first come first serve. We stand behind our work, that means every single windshield repair. 

Why do we have a windshield repair warranty?

Windshield repair service can fail. Under certain conditions of stress and contamination the resin can't stick properly to the auto glass. Windshield repair resin is designed to stick to glass not dirt or chemicals. We offer a warranty so the consumer doesn't have to pay twice for a repair.