How Windshield Repair Houston Be FREE?

With approved Insurance Your Insurance Pays

Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is usually covered under your auto policy, so your insurance is paying the bill!
Many insurance companies will waive your deductible if your windshield can be repaired. Insurance companies save a lot of money paying for repairs so you wont get a new windshield. Get your crack fixed for free.

Most insurance companies view windshield repair as preventive maintenance. If a chip is left not repaired, it likely will crack out and lead to a costly replacement. Most insurance companies waive deductibles for windshield repair.

Windshield Repair is not FREE in Houston, TX

Find out why free windshield repair Houston is really not FREE.

Well the fact is repairs in Houston are not really free! 

Free Windshield Repar Houston

1st a no fault claim is going to be filed on your auto insurance policy. Your insurance has to pay the repair shop.
Will your insurance company count windshield repair as a claim? Well lets see, there is with out a doubt going to be a claim number! So it is a claim. It's up to your insurance what they do about it or when they do something about it. I know it counts as a deterrent, a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something. So it may cause your insurance to go up at some point. The insurance company pay the repair shop 2 to 5 time more than cash price.