How My Life Led Me to Become A Windshield Repair Man

Clint Norris shares his life experiences leading up to becoming the windshield repairman owner of Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair

What I did that led me, eventually to windshield repair

Worked at Knox Fuel Stop when I was just getting started in life as the night maintenance man for a few mounts. Then I got a job at Moss Flange as a forger/welder, I worked there a few years, until I was burned out. I got tired of being burned and working long hours. Then I worked at T.R.W. a tower building/lighting company as a helper until I got laid off. Then I got a job at Rollins Protective Services putting in call back systems and fire alarms in H.I.S.D. schools, but the commercial department I worked for went out of business. Then I worked at 3 Good Year’s and Discount Tire store changing tires but the pay wasn’t very good. Then I got a job with Herr Smith a German auto parts dealer and BAP Geon auto parts delivering auto parts. Then I got a job as a delivery guy for Hot Shot Wok, Antonio’s Flying Pizza, Barry’s Pizza and Murphy’s Deli delivering food, I was making great tips and I hardly had to do anything.

How I discovered windshield repair

My dad got a job doing mobile windshield repair for Advanced Windshield Repair. When I found out what he was doing I thought “That’s a good idea”. I asked my dad to show me how to do it. Then I asked my dad, can we go out this weekend and do it together? He said, OK. So my dad drove the truck to strip centers and various businesses and I would go in and talk with the potential customers. I would walk in to the various places and ask, does any one have a chip or crack on their windshield? Because we fix windshields, I can give you a free estimate, explain what we are going to do, how it is going to turn out and if you don’t like it you don’t have to pay.

My first experience experimenting with windshield repair

We got so many customers that way, I was born to sell! We did so good, me and my dad quit our jobs and made a commitment to do this full time. We decided we would split the profit 50/50. At first I got all the customers and my dad did all the work. After doing this for some years, I got a new idea. Lets set up on the side of the road next to Target with a banner on the windshield and see if people will stop to get there windshield repaired. And they did, many people, so now we just needed to find a spot to do it regularly.

How I set up a windshield repair shop 

We ran our business on city property, we bought permits, licenses, and whatever the city of Houston asked for. It was great, because of the costs, but it was pretty risky too. We never knew who would be set up in my spot the next day. Sometimes we would have to squeeze our tent in to the smallest places because some one was in our spot. We never know who we were going to have to deal with. Between beany baby sales men, carpet or rug sales men or car sales men it was a real battle some times. Some of those guys were real a-holes, but nothing was worse than our up-close and personal encounter with Afis Olajuwon! He’s the main reason why I had to stop working on city property to begin with. It’s a long story, if you would like to read about it find it at The Houston Press News Paper Website “Risky Business”.

How I finally found a permanent location to do windshield repair

After a while of setting up business on vacant lots, I met Frank Markintonis he asked me if I would like to set up business over on his property. So we made a deal and shook hands, that’s how I got the location at 8903 Westheimer in Houston Texas. He even bought me a $1700.00 tent cover from Fast Signs. Years went by, and Frank sold his shop to Wayne Prahl. Then Wayne made me an even better deal. I’m still here just making a living, and hope to for a long time.

Clint Norris & Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair Today

I am the owner of Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair at 8903 Westheimer Road in Houston, TX, 77063. I’ve specialized in windshield repair since 1996. I use top of the line tools and quality resins for every job. I take pride and care about my work. I am conveniently located in Houston, Texas. Most of my business is repete customers and referrals. I accept cash, credit cards, checks and auto insurance for payment. My business hours are 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 9 am-4 pm closed on Sunday’s.

I’m a friendly local repairman of high-quality chip and crack repairs for automobile glass consumers. I have the tools, knowledge and expertise to take care of all your auto glass damages. I’m someone who knows how to repair cracked windshields in clever ways. On a typical day I repair anywhere from 15 to 40 different automobile windshields.

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Here’s my windshield repair process

First the damage is closely inspected, clean loose glass and dirt away from the area. Then the damaged area is vacuumed until all oxygen is evacuated and pressurized with the injection pump tool until the special clear acrylic resin has entered the ends of every crack. Then the hole is touched up with a thicker pit filler resin and sealed off with a piece of scotch tape. Then the resin is cured with a UV light or sun light until the resins are completely set up. Then the excess resin and tape is removed with a razor blade to smooth out the outer surface of the glass. This will help keep the wiper blades from scratching the glass. Then the windshield is cleaned up with glass cleaner and paper towels.

About the Author

I like my work, it gets hot and cold outside but I like fixing cars. I’ve been my own boss since 1996, I do windshield repair, headlight restoration and install gps tracking devices in cars during the day. I want to be the best I strive to be, by working hard and helping out others when I can. After work i’m a dad, a husband and that’s the important part of my life. I love my children and my wife so I get involved and spend time with them. In my free time at work I wright articles on the internet in my blog in hopes it will bring me more business. I believe that what ever happens in life is Gods will and for that i am free. I have 5 kids and i’m still married more than 20 years.