The Windshield Repair Addict in Houston, TX

Windshield Repair Addict in Houston, TX
Windshield Repair Addict in Houston, TX

Contrary to the popular misuse of the term “The windshield repair man” is someone who knows how to repair a cracked windshield in a clever or non-obvious way.

He uses workarounds and shortcuts to overcome everyday difficulties of the modern world. On a typical day he repairs anywhere from 15 to 40 different windshields and still has time to be creative on the web. He’s got so many different techniques it would make most auto glass installers head spin.  Information, interruptions, and distractions are a way of life. But here at his shop it is calm and peaceful. And you get the right information now.

How do you know when it’s time to meet the windshield repair man?

The Windshield repair man knows everything about windshields why when and how. He is obsessed with the time-saving repair tricks; he has developed through years of trial and error. He builds hardware that automates tasks to free up time for you and him. The windshield repair man reprograms his personal work-flow to save you time and effort. He uses technology in creative, imaginative, and unexpected ways. The windshield repair tools that hum away in his toolbox are powerful pieces of hardware, which advanced capabilities go untapped by most glass repair companies.

His repairs are richer and more exciting than ever, but it takes insider knowledge and a willingness to go beyond the default settings to truly use it to your advantage. 

In a spirit of playful curiosity, the windshield repair man loves to discover and design new ways to get things done. When it comes to tech, he’s the ultimate optimist: where there’s a will, there’s a way. He wants to find that needle in the haystack that’s in the web. He’s addicted to the “Ah- HA!” moments in life. He goes to great lengths to avoid tedious, mundane work: he would rather spend 2 hours and 59 minutes automating a 3-hour job than doing it manually.

He expects to access his sites from any Internet-connected device. He keeps his hands on the keyboard because mousing is inherently inefficient. He gets lost in his work and has to be reminded when to eat. He lives and works on this websites, so people can know the truth about windshield repair. He uses creative problem solving to work smart and get more done with less effort.

This site will be divided into many sites. Each describing the knowledge of the windshield repair man and will present a number of tricks to accomplish that goal one way or another. There’s something here for everyone, but not every solution will work for everyone. Each tip has its difficulty level, platform, and cost. As much as possible, I chose to use ways that are free or modestly priced.

Most of the tips are hands-on training tutorials, so read this blog regularly so you can try them out as you go. Pick and choose the tips that fit you best, and work on them into your day. You want to be one of those high performers with the best tricks in the business. You can be. You have the tools; you have the desire to find out more, and now you have the handbook.

He’s addicted to “windshield repair!” He is obsessed with the time-saving repair tricks; he has developed through years and now he wants more……