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Learn to Repair Windshields : Learn the Process of Repairing a Windshield

This windshield training coarse is very unique. It is more than just instructions, it is the knowledge of an experienced auto glass repair professional. “He Is Everything You Could Ever Hope To Become.” So it’s no problem learning how to repair a simple crack. The instructor will help you to understand a great deal about windshield damages.

“You Could Read Every Manuel or Book On The Market And Still Not Acquire The Touch”

With just 1 day of hands-on training you will learn allot. What exactly can be done in detailed demonstrations and the finishing touches for great looking results. Our tips will save you time and money on tools, supplies and more. Watch Live Demos! Witness First Hand! See Our Tools in Action! Our tools fix damages that most shops can’t or won’t! Our process is simple and the tools we use will fix any windshield on the market.

There are lots of different supply companies selling tool kits for repairing windshield chips. Most of these kits are useless for long cracks. So don’t buy a kit until you know for sure it will do any job! Why waste your money on tools that don’t do it all! Just wait till you see our tools in action and the choice will be clear.

The urge to be the best or one of the elite is natural, knowing how to do so is not. One has to learn it, I did. We teach lessons in two ways, 1) An experienced technician coaches you along. 2) By your own hands, rock chips and cracks will be repaired. “When the training starts you will be amazed how quick the learning process really is.” Just watch our approach and witness what took years to prefect in mere moments! Discover all the secrets and unlock the door to the perfect windshield repair. I have put together a play-book of moves, plans, tips and custom hardware that can teach you all you need to know and more. Please if you need some advice feel free to call.

Chip’s & Crack’s Windshield Repair in Houston can teach you all there is to know and more. Learning the repair process is easy in a few days you’ll be a windshield repair tech. You’ll know the repair process and the business. Everything you need to know and much much more.

We also inform you with city rules of Houston. And add you to our windshield repair websites. Then if you still need some help you can call Clint. Our #1 secret is honesty! Our windshield repair training coarse is easy, relaxed, learning environment. You’ll see our technician preform our process on numerous vehicles all day.

To do it right your going to need instruction from a professional. Then the repairs will be clearer and stronger. Take my advice, don’t learn by practicing on cars. We let you in on all our secrets we’ve mastered over the years. Stop wasting money on things that don’t work as good. I know what works, only buy the windshield repair tools you’ll need. There’s a bunch of useless tools all over the Internet that cost a lot of money, we’ll show you what to purchase.

Watch How to Repair a Windshield: Training Class | Auto Glass Repair Training (in Houston TX) Video

These are just a few things that other windshield repair training schools wont teach you.

  • * How to get the customers
  • * How to pick the spot
  • * How to get the insurance companies to pay for the repairs
  • * How to make your own windshield repair signs, cards, fliers and more
  • * How to put up a sign and not be hassled
  • * How to restore yellow dim headlights
  • * How to create an effective Internet ad
  • * How to fix damages that others can’t

“If interested in being trained in the windshield repair business and have no problem commuting for class. Get some time off of work if interested and meet with me while I’m at work.