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Let Me Repair Your Windshield | Clint Norris at The Auto Glass Shop (Houston)

Clint NorrisI’ve specialized in windshield repair since 1996. I use top of the line tools and quality resins for every job. I take pride and care about my work. I am conveniently located in Houston, Texas. Most of my business is repete customers and referrals. I accept cash, credit cards, checks and auto insurance for payment. My business hours are 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 9 am-4 pm closed on Sunday’s.

If it’s raining, call first to see if i’m open. You should never repair your windshield if it’s raining outside. All damages have to be completely dry or the repair process will not work. The resin used to fix damaged glass can’t mix with water, it turns to jelly. It’s better to wait so you can get the best results.

If you want the complete breakdown on the repair process, just ask. I can tell you how your auto glass damage is going to be repaired and what the final result is going to look like.

Now lets talk price, the average cost for a repair at my shop is $20. I’ve searched all over the internet and called other auto glass companies to find out what they charge and believe me prices do vary, from a little bit more to a whole lot more. Trust me, I have the lowest price around. The mobile service companies have to charge more to pay for gas and make up for the time it takes there employees to do the work. So it’s not just going to cost you more money it’s going to cost you more time.

All my repairs come with a lifetime warranty against cracking. If my repair fails or cracks out further I’ll repair it for free, no questions asked. Now ask the mobile guy, if your windshield repair fails, will you come back over here and fix it for free? Most of there warranties are if it fails we’ll put the cost of the repair towards a replacement.

To get a repair, just pull up in front of the windshield repair tent on the corner of the street and roll your window down. I’ll walk over to your car to help you. You can leave the car running with the A/C on if you want. It’s hot outside and I understand that you want to stay cool. Most chip or crack repairs only take 10-15 minutes to complete.

You can watch one of my free auto glass repair videos and experience the different types of damages that can be repaired. You can see what I do and how my repairs turn out. By watching my videos you can get a basic understanding of my service.