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Windshield Repair | Houston TX Auto Glass Repair | Got a Question?

Windshield Repair in Progress
Windshield Repair | Houston TX Auto Glass Repair

With Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Replacement Can Be A Thing of the Past.

We are a licensed & insured, auto glass company, committed to auto glass repair service. We have specialized training in the windshield repair process. It’s safe and repair is much faster. We buy name brand, quality supplies from reputable companies. Were committed to building a better tomorrow by prolonging the life of windshields, that helps to save the earth. We go to great lengths to preserve the structural integrity of auto glass. As a matter of fact, perfection is our aim in each and every repair.

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  • Lifetime Warranty
Windshield Repair Houston TX
Windshield Repair

To protect damages get windshield repaired right away. If you can’t put some tape over the damage that will keep the dirt out and help to slow down cracks in some cases. We repair long cracks all the time. Let us look at check-out your crack, then we can tell you if it’s repairable. How it looks depends on age of damage, length of crack and whether or not wax or rain-x has been applied. Most damages are a lot clearer afterwards, but if damage area is contaminated discoloration will occur. Whats all involved? Here’s what we do: Clean off the damaged area to remove any dirt and loose glass particles. Then drill if necessary. Then inject acrylic resin and vacuum air out to fill damaged area. Set up the resin, scrape and wipe the windshield clean.