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I’m a fun loving happy guy just trying to to do the right thing.

I like my work, it gets hot and cold outside but I like fixing cars. I’ve been my own boss since 1996, I do windshield repair, headlight restoration and install gps tracking devices in cars during the day. I want to be the best I strive to be, by working hard and helping out others when I can. After work i’m a dad, a husband and that’s the important part of my life. I love my children and my wife so I get involved and spend time with them. In my free time at work I wright posts on the internet in hopes it will bring me more business. I believe that what ever happens in the life is Gods will and for that i am free. is my website.

I have 5 kids and i’m still married more than 20 years.

Automotive Glass Repair,Headlight Restoration Service, present
I do everything: technician, billing, secretary, manager, owner and more. I’m a 1 man show at Chips and Cracks Windshield Repair.


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