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TIP: Hot summer days cause damage! Texas summers are hot, you can’t even walk around a swimming pool without burning your feet on the concrete! If you have a broken windshield, crack you windows. That will help avoid further damages, until you bring your vehicle in for a repair.

We are your premier licensed & insured high quality glass company committed to local auto glass repair services in the Greater Houston area.

Our mechanic has specialized training in vehicle windshield repair. Our trained repairman teaches the art of windshield repair in Houston. We don’t try to scare you in to a replacement, we explain what we can do for your car and you decide. We wait for you when tour ready for a repair.

We practice safe repair techniques on car windshields and stop cracks in there tracks. With fast service and enhanced precision you’ll be in & out in no time. The light refraction will look allot better. When were done fixing your car window you can get a car wash or detail immediately afterwards there is no waiting once repair is cured.

Failing a state inspection because of a cracked windshield isn’t fun! Bring your car to the shop, we will check it out, most damages can be concealed so the vehicle can pass inspection and you won’t have too buy a new windshield. We buy quality parts, tools, and resins from a reputable company. We are committed to building a better tomorrow, we prolong life of glass, were extending the life of windshields for a greener tomorrow. We go to great lengths to preserve auto glass and do a clear clean job our aim is a simply perfect repair.

Honest information is always provided, we inspect and evaluate each vehicle then provide all available options as well as the best option. Is service is the right choice, we explain the truth about windshield repair, we would rather earn your trust than falsify the facts just for a buck. We have operated a retail business since 1996 in a city where most have failed. Our location, tools, experience and ethics are the reason were still in business.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our windshield repair shop for a chip or cracked windshield. WERE REALLY GLAD YOU CAME! If your new in town we have allot of information to share with you. We will do everything we can to make your visit a short but memorable one. If your crack crack again we fix it for free for life that’s our warranty. There are allot of techs good and bad, you need the one that fits your deli-ma. Good News the search is over, my customers drive great distances for my skill and reliability, you will too once I repair your windshield.

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  1. Most insurance companies view windshield repair as preventive maintenance ❗ If a chip is left 😥 un repaired, it likely will crack out and lead to a costly replacement. Most insurance companies waive deductibles for windshield repairs 😆 . Windshield repair saves policyholders and insurance companies millions of dollars annually.

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