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Windshield repair tip for spot in chip

repair tip

A small bit of air shows and creates a spot inside the chip. What you do to get rid of that little spot: As you are waiting for the resin to setup a little spot starts to form, you don’t have much time at this point, the good news is there is something¬† you can do to remove that spot from the chip area. Use a small probe or pick and push gently down on the tab, just over the exact spot you drilled the hole in the windshield. Push down softly as the repair is hardening up, you’ll see as you push down on the spot the chip spot goes away, but if you let off from pushing the spot will come back. Keep pushing until resin is hardened, then the spot wont come back. When the repair area is hardened the pit area will be slightly down, just put a some windshield repair resin on the windshield and make the chip or crack area flush. That’s how its done by the pro at Chips and Cracks windshield repair in Houston.