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Customers are getting tickets for cracked windshields



At Chips and Cracks windshield repair in Houston we’ve noticed a lot of our customers are getting tickets for cracked windshields.  I’m not going to say names. We asked our customers: What happened when you were pulled over? Most of them had something smart to say. Like: I wasn’t speeding, I didn’t run the stop signor the red light, I stopped  or basically told the cop he was wrong. But some of my customers said it’s just another way for the city to make more money or it’s an add on ticket you wont get one unless you do something wrong. My advice don’t break the law. And if your going to break the law get your windshield repaired and don’t argue with police. You better think about your answer carefully, it’s very important that when you first meet any law enforcement officer you don’t call them a lire. That’s what your doing when you disagree. Remember the judge will take his word against yours any day. Police officers are there to protect and serve, their not out to get you, obey the law, drive right for god sake and keep your repaired and you wont get a cracked windshield ticket. If you need your windshield repair in Houston, We repair chips and cracked windshields in Houston. If you get a ticket, I’ll repair the windshield crack and give you a receipt for the Judge. Then the ticket will be dismissed.  Just get the cracked windshield repaired, it’s cheaper, faster, and less of a hassle. At Chips and Cracks windshield repair in Houston we’ve been repairing long cracks for a long time.