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Windshield Repair Houston

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Here we offer all auto windshield repair services.

At any time before, during or after the repair procedure, you have a question, just ask and all will be revealed to your complete satisfaction.

A typical auto glass repair at our windshield repair shop in Houston

Customer pulls up in front of the repair shop and is greeted by our friendly technician. Auto’s glass is closely, visually inspected, “from top to bottom and left to right”, to discover and account for all the damages that are present. Then an explanation is related to the customer about what can be repaired, the approximate time the repair will take and how much the repair is going to cost. If repair is not the right choice our technician will inform the customer what other options are out there and what we recommend.

Depending on the type of damage done to the glass will determine weather or not a drill hole is needed. The technician will fill the injector with a special acrylic resin designed to bond broken glass back together and restore the original integrity to the glass. We only use top of the line resins for the work preformed at our shop.

The main tool is then attached to the auto glass with the injector tip sitting right on the hole leading up to the cracks running out of the damage. Our windshield repair tool creates a strong vacuum to suck the air out of the damaged area. Then hydraulic pressure is applied to fill or inject the entire area with a special acrylic resin. Then UV light is applied to the area to quickly set, harden or cure the resin inside the damage.

The tool is then removed and the pit area or the hole in the glass is filled with a thicker pit resin and taped up and cured. Once resin is cured a very sharp razor blade is used on outer layer to smooth or even out the glass damages. The glass is thoroughly cleaned with a premium glass cleaner or Windex.

Once the tech is finished with the work a written receipt will be produced and given to the customer. The technician will collect payment for services rendered and explain our warranty to customer. All our work comes with a lifetime warranty, that we will stand behind our work and if it fails we will fix it for free, no questions asked.

No Need to make an appointment to have your auto glass serviced properly and best of all we have the lowest possible price.

Welcome to Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair In Houston

Another thing that sets our Houston based windshield repair shop apart from the competition is our high level of honesty as an auto glass repair shop. When you need a rock chip repair shop with a expert auto glass mechanic that can handle the biggest windshield cracks and repair work, the solution is with us in the Houston area.

Our Houston auto glass repair center is a full service auto glass repair shop with a good reputation in the performance of a verity of windshield services and repair work. Many times these are services other windshield repair shops Houston wouldn’t be able to take on.

When it comes to Houston auto glass repair our shop and mechanic are well equipped to handle the most challenging windshield cracks and rock chip repair damages for vehicles of all types, including 18 wheeler’s.

From a long crack on a brand new vehicle, to a big chip repair on a luxurious limousine, our auto glass shop will get your windshield serviced and repair job done right the first time. We take on the most extreme damages in mere minutes. This is one reason why local consumers say that our auto glass repair shop is the place to take your car or truck for the best windshield repair Houston TX has to offer.

At Windshield Repair Houston, we completely fill the damages in even on the most complex windshield breaks and repair jobs and also backup our words with an unbeatable lifetime warranty that the damages will not spread further or we will fix it for free, no question asked.

Our customers have come to expect and trust the professional (Auto Glass Service) experienced technician, who provides quality windshield repair service on their cars and trucks that’s always performed to the highest standards.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1996 – Auto Glass Service That You Can Depend On

Chips & Cracks Windshield Repair in Houston TX is a small family owned and operated auto glass shop that consistently receives positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Transporting your vehicle to our windshield repair shop for service is always a pleasant experience. You’ll enjoy our quick and courteous customer interface that features a drive through, “you don’t even have to get out of the car” while you waiting for your auto glass repair work (or auto glass service) to be completed by our experienced technician.

Windshield Service and Repair – Going the “Extra Step”

We also provide a warranty on services that will protect your pocket book against future payments from original repairs in Houston while your vehicle is in our auto glass shop.

We always strive to go beyond the level of service delivered by competing windshield service and repair shops. The top notch customer experience we deliver is yet another reason why we’re known as the best windshield repair Houston TX has to offer. Come and experience best-of-the-best windshield service and repair for your car that’s a step above the rest.

  • General Windshield Repair & Maintenance
  • Windshield Crack Repair
  • Windshield Chip Repair
  • No Free Windshield Repair With Approved Insurance
  • Free Look Over Windshield Inspection

Houston Windshield Repair in Houston is a top quality windshield repair shop that auto glass owners have come to trust. We’re located in south west Houston. When you’re looking for the best windshield repair shop and glass mechanic Houston has to offer, call us and discover what sets us apart from the competition in Houston. Call Today!

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  1. When your windshield starts causing trouble in Houston, it is good to have Clint’s Glass Service by your side. Our family owned and operated company has being doing windshield repairs since 1996, and is competent to deal with any kind of windshield repair chip or crack issue that may come your way.
    We are sometimes visited for the largest windshield repair damages, such as a base ball size rock chip, and a crack a couple of feet long caused by the stress of using a warm defroster on a cold winter day.

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