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More free information at http://clintsglass.com/FREE.php on Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Repair in Houston, TX.

Houston Auto Glass Shop Has Some What, FREE, Fast, While You Wait, Windshield Repair in Houston.

Well the fact is repairs are not really free! 1st a no fault claim is going to be filed on your auto insurance policy. Then your insurance company must wave your deductible and pay for the repair. The shop needs to get payed or it would not make any profit. So it is your insurance that pays. Most people have been paying for this type of repair on their insurance and did not even know it. All the auto glass companies on the internet post about “free windshield repair” because a lot of Google users are searching for it.

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Hassle free, lifetime warranty on all windshield repair services. If repair cracks, we will fix it for real free, absolutely no money out of pocket, if it fails, just bring it back, no questions asked and we will repair it for free at no additional charge.

Your welcome to watch our free repair videos on rock chip repairs, windshield crack repairs and broken auto glass, experience the different types of damages that we can repair. Please call today for free estimates 832-335-7386

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  1. Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement in Houston, TX by http://clintsglass.com/Mobile.php a one stop shop for car windows and all of your auto glass and windshield replacement needs. It is best to replace door glass before it rains.

    Sooner or later your auto glass is going to get broken and it’s going to create problems for you. You will need to get the auto glass replaced and replacement service can be a long drug out solution. You have to call around and get different prices or quotes from all over the internet. You will have to make an appointment for service and wait for the mobile guy’s truck to arrive. That is better than taking time off to bring your car in to a retail shop and wait around there for an hour or so. Our installer is very experienced in auto glass replacements. When were done the molding will be straight, it will not leak, it will not cause rusting and it will not develop wind noise. We have competitive prices on all auto glass replacement services.

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